Living in Oregon, surrounded by a quirky collection of flora and fauna, Kelly Saxton records changes within the landscape as the seasons, time of day, and weather alter the terrain.

Saxton's recent drawings take note of the stillness and light of early morning, by fusing steel, paper, graphite, bee's wax and of course paint. Saxton exposes the process of drawing by pushing the possibilities of each these materials by revealing their presence and participation in the work.

Saxton received a MFA from Pratt Institute, NY. She exhibits mixed media landscapes and chronicles creatures locally, nationally and internationally. As an artist / educator, Kelly Saxton has worked with students in Oregon and New York, and collaborates with artists of multi disciplines

Surface maker and long-practiced Oregon painter, Judy Lee Vogland, works in water-based mixed media exploring realities and relationships known and unknown. Her newest show, Forced Realities, searches through found, fantasized, funky, forced and funny relationships within her family whom she reveals through somewhat awkward circumstances.

Although Vogland's work has always explored architectural compositions married with the physical milieu and fallout of one's discarded past, she now forces compositions and curious scenarios defining more personal moments.

Born in 1945, Judy Vogland grew up into the world of the 1950's and 60's….new age industrial and social awkwardness couched in propriety and politeness. In this work, Vogland visually calls on farfetched memories of Sunday rides in her family 1948 Chev to see rich people's houses scattered around the Portland countryside.

Vogland strikes a visual bond between exploratory places known and unknown exposing forced relationships which have humorously haunted her past.