Kurtiss Lofstrom has worked in music, super 8 & 16mm film, painting, mosaic, glass, and collage. His work explores the formal aspects of materials, composition, the collision of past, present and future, and the nature of public imagery. He is primarily a self-taught artist, although he studied creative writing, theatre, and film at Goddard College in Plainfield VT. He grew up in Seattle, WA, and currently lives and works in Portland, OR.

"I like to think of my art as visual music. I am very influenced by rhythm. I like to work with found materials as a way of interacting with coincidence in the world. I hope to further explore film and large scale public art works."

This group of acrylic paintings by Liz McDonald is part of an ongoing series called Gesture as Language. They are impressions and interpretations of human relationships. Whether alone or in a group, McDonald sees us all as links in a chain we cannot see. Our lives are combinations of fragility, vulnerability and strength that are continually changing, depending on the emotions of the moment.

Her particular interest is in family ties, friendships, community, belonging, isolation, ambivalence and the myriad emotions that affect our actions. The paintings are deliberately ambiguous but are all about relationships – with others and with ourselves.