Judy Wise is an Oregon artist and teacher who has worked as a printmaker and painter for four decades. She has exhibited and taught in the USA, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Spain and the Netherlands.

For the past two years she has been searching for an abstract visual language. With a love of materials and process, she walks a line between chaos and order, hoping to reflect both dualities in the paintings. Her process is intuitive, layered, accidental and mysterious.
This body of work is acrylic.


For the past several years Portland artist Alan Rose has been painting narratives of people caught up in an offbeat world. While Rose's previous paintings haven't been exactly representational, his new body of work moves into more abstract/non-objective territory. Most of the pieces in this show have no recognizable subject matter. But there are exceptions, notably three paintings that depict fragmented, abstracted musicians.

Rose has produced an elusive world made explicit with cartoony outlines around everything. His flat graphic style and muted palette evoke another time and place. It is an enigmatic world where everything is in sharp focus and ambiguity reigns. The unclear is clearly happening, and even the unrecognizable looks vaguely familiar.