The images that Carl Annala makes are built with small marks of carefully considered color. There may be several layers of paint; there may be only one. Sometimes Annala uses graphite, paint stick, oil pastel or paint pens on the top of these abstract paintings.

He believes that abstract work is playing with the rhythms of nature that was learned from doing post impressionist paintings.

Annala studied painting under Lucinda Parker, Bob Hanson and Harry Widman in the 1980's and is grateful for their influence.

He holds a Bachelors of Fine Art in Drawing/Painting from Pacific Northwest College of Art and a Masters of Fine Art in Painting from Portland State University.

John Cline works predominantly in pencil and pen and ink. His current work explores his ongoing architectural education through hard lined drawings. The recent works are conceptual "sections", "elevations" and "plans" sometimes seamlessly superimposed on top of each other. The viewer is allowed to make interpretations as to scale, volume and texture.

Cline uses drawing as a vehicle to explore ideas of the process of making. Drawings in its many forms – the ritual and craft of it, its tools, its tactility, the space of deep intellectual focus and concentration that it affords has remained a central theme in his work.

An evaluation or awareness of process can act as a springboard for future explorations and work.